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Sidetracked A Bit

I haven’t written in the homeschool blog in several days because I am desperately trying to straighten out numerous issues within our family. We have had several problems with our kids fighting and arguing these last few months and it has taken some time to figure things out and understand what we need to do. Looks like we are going to be moving the kids to separate bedrooms.

Brayden is more of a solitary kind of kid. He really needs his space, his alone time. He isn’t and hasn’t been getting that for a long time. His baby sister is obscenely clingy when it comes to him and she is smothering him. We really need to separate them. This week I will be working on moving all the bedrooms around and we will be taking a week off from school.

The animal study unit has been awesome! I found some great, free resources and will post links to them later. The kids are doing wonderful with school. I just reall need to get them apart from each other right now.

God Bless!


OT: Atkins Again

Well, I was doing GREAT on the fat fast but something just didn’t feel right to me.  I started reading online about it an trying to find the information that I wanted to find.  Turns out the reason  I wasn’t getting into ketosis  those other 2 times was most likely because I wasn’t eating enough FAT!  Yeah, you heard me, FAT!  So here I was eating ONLY fat and feeling like crap, knowing all I needed to do to make ketosis happen on induction was to eat more fat!  So, I dropped the fat fast and added more fat into my diet.  I also drove up to Hastings and bought the Atkins book!  I wanted to actually READ it this time because I want it to work and it I want it to be a lifestyle change!  I’m up a couple of pounds from yesterday but I really don’t care.  The ketostix are showing at a trace now, and that’s fine, I’m still in ketosis and that is all that matters!  It’s time to get moving on with Day6!

OT: Fat Fast 3

Woke up to day 2 of the Fat Fast and WOW!  I am down a total of 7 pounds!  4 pounds of that just from yesterday!  I was 197.0 yesterday morning and this morning?  193.8!  So not a full 4 pounds but 3.2 and that is still pretty damn impressive!  I forgot to test for ketosis first thing this morning but I’m pretty sure I’m there.  I haven’t decided yet if I am going to do 2 full days (in addition to easing into it yesterday) or 3 full days.  It would probably be best to do 3 full days and count yesterday as an intro day since I went WAY OVER the caloric allotment with my breakfast!  That won’t happen today though.  Got up and started right off with my large cup of coffee and heavy cream.  Tastes great and I’m not hungry at all.  Pretty sure I need to wait almost 4 hours in between meals.  I have a pretty good schedule set forth in order to keep me on track and I bet, by the time I can go back to induction foods, I’m gonna feel like a QUEEN eating all that meat and cheese!  WOW! 

I wish I could contain my excitement.  I am overflowing with it still.  I haven’t felt this much excitement about losing weight since I last tried Atkins in December (and subsequently gave up for monetary reasons!).  Already being down 7 pounds means that I should be more than able to reach my first mini-goal of 180 by the end of May!  The other months after that, 20 pounds a month with be much harder.  After the first few weeks on induction things start to slow a little.  It won’t be AS easy. I would probably be looking at 3 pounds a week instead of 5+ and that means the other 8 pounds a month I have as a goal will have to come off through exercising.  Yep, once the weight loss slows I will HAVE to step into exercising to keep the pace that I have now.  By then it will be summer for the teenager though and she can babysit whenever I need her to.  This is gonna be AWESOME!  I can’t wait to be down to 140 by the end of July and pushing 130 by the time my reunion gets here!  I can’t wait to start lifting weights, building more muscle, toning up really nicely and running!  I want to get out there and RUN so badly!  Of course I want to look hot too but my more than anything I want to sculpt and shape my body with weight lifting and then start some running! 

Ok, I better go.  gotta get the Bugg down and play with him!  God Bless.

I did it!  I made it all day long on the fat fast!  I can tell it’s jumpstarting stuff because I am already in ketosis now and have had a headache pretty much all day long!  I feel like crap and I’m bitchy…WHOO HOO!  I’m down another 2 pounds just since this morning!  ROCK ON!  So, 2, possibly 3, more days of this and then back to induction.  I can do this.  I am staying full and not hungry at all until it’s about time for me to eat something.  I can’t wait to get up in the morning and drink my coffee with heavy cream in it and be good until later in the morning.  So, as of RIGHT NOW, I am down 5 pounds in 4 days!  Let’s see where tomorrow takes me shall we?

OT: Fat Fast

I know it sounds a little strange but I have decided to go with a fat fast to get my body back into ketosis for induction.  I am still on Atkins but my body has just been so darn stubborn and I have finally found a way to jump start it!  It’s called a fat fast!  you cut your calories down to 1000 a day and take in HIGH amounts of fat and prettymuch nothing else.  It’s working already.  I am NOT the last bit hungry, oddly enough, and I can feel the “atkins flu” really ramping up now.  I have that headache that just won’t go away now.  I had a large cup of coffee with 1/4 cup of heavy whipping cream in it this morning (YUMMMM).  I’m still not hungry and it’s almost noon!  I can have cream cheese, sour cream, macadamia nuts. sugar free peanut butter, and some other stuff.  It sounds really restrictive and it is but man, I am kinda diggin it!  It forces your body into ketosis because you aren’t eating ANYTHING nutritious so your body HAS to run on the fat for fuel.  It’s working.  I’m only doing it for 3 days and then up to 1200 calories a day for 2 days and then back to induction.  My poor body needs to be kick started!

I am down a full 3 pounds so far and am only on Day #4 of induction.  I am not in ketosis though.  If I was in ketosis I would be down about 5 more pounds already.  Last time through induction I dropped nearly 18 pounds in 3 weeks!  After I had Emerson I stayed at induction levels for almost 4 months and lost 56 pounds!  Yeah it can be done and it works.  I kept it off for a verylong time, then I got pregnant with the bugg.   That changed everything.  I am pretty determined this time around.  So, my goals are this… be 180 by the end of May.  Next goal is 160 by the end of June.  Next goal is 140 by the end of July and then 130 by the end of August.  20 pounds a month seem too drastic?  On Atkins it really isn’t.  that’s only 5 pounds a week.  VERY do-able on Atkins! 

I’m just excited to know that I am getting back into it and I know as soon as I get that first 20 pounds off I will feel more like exercising and getting out of this house to do it!  I can’t wait to see my old body again (and I’m sure Erick can’t either!).  I would love to be al the way down to 130 by the time the reunion is here but I’m not changing my life and my appearance ofr the reunion….I’m doing it for me and my family.  I’m not even going to make the reunion a goal.  I’m just so damned excited this time!  Just like back in December!  Atkins is the ONLY thing that has ever worked for me!  See you tomorrow when I will be down another 2 pounds!

Today was a VERY productive day for the kids!  We got so much done and in so little time!  I was so impressed with what they were able to accomplish today!  We did a lot of worksheets all themed around amphibians.  Math worksheets, language arts, science, it was all so awesome and the kids did GREAT!  Emerson wanted to do MORE!  It was so wonderful to see how much they have learned and how far they have come!  Brayden was doing double-digit addition and subtraction today with NO HELP!  Emerson was writing her name really well by the end of the day!  I am so blessed to have this opportunity!  I don’t understand any mom that would choose otherwise, especially since I have been (and even still am with Peyton) on both sides of the tracks with this one!  I love my kids and I will do everything I can to give them the BEST education!  One that they deserve! 

Tomorrow we will do some more worksheets but I’m going to add in some reptiles with the amphibians.  They are just soaking it all up SO FAST!  If you ever question it and think you are being asked or drawn to homeschool your kids…DO IT!  It’s NOT easy.  It’s one of the most difficult things I have ever done but, it is also the most rewarding!  It’s definitely something that I know I will NEVER regret!  THANK YOU JESUS!

Day 2?  Day 2 of what?  Day 2 of my roller coaster of weight loss ha ha!  Back on Atkins again.  Stuck to it again all day.  Mowed the lawn (yippee!) and now I am sitting here getting ready to drink my Sleepytime tea and head to bed.  It’s been a rough day and I’m starting to feel that Atkin’s flu thing going on but wish it would just get started and then get over.  the longer it takes to start the longer it lasts and I’m just ready to get going.  I’m ready for that tell-tale sign of ketosis to kick in….you know the one where you aren’t hungry AT ALL!  I’m hungry pretty much all the time right now.  Usually by day 4 or 5 that is gone for me and that is a tell-tale sign that ketosis has started and I’m am actively burning fat for energy.  There’s plenty of it to burn let me tell ya!  I hate being hungry.  I really do.  When I stopped smoking almost a year ago I just transferred all my of stress from smoking to eating.  It sucks.  I’m a bored eater too, just like I was a bored smoker!  Ugh!

I have tried to start smoking again.  Many times.  It won’t work!  I quit with prayers and that was all.  no gum, no hypnosis, no patches.  I just started praying and stopped smoking.  The way I asked God to cleanse me of it worked.  I can’t stand it.  It felt so awesome to light one, to inhale and then… almost puke everywhere!  When I was smoking I wasn’t eating.  In fact I would smoke instead of eating many many times.  What the hell do I do now?  Yeah, it’s a weird place to be in.  I miss smoking only as much as it means I was 20 pounds lighter than I am right now!  LOL!  It will come off, it may just happen differently and take a little longer than I am ready for.  Day 1 and day 2 were relatively easy.  I’m ready for Day 3 and 4 to come and go so I can see where I am going to stand.  I will be able to tell if it’s going to work this time by then because the headaches, the Atkins flu, will be a tell-tale sign.  If it’s a brutal one then I’m in for a good ride of losing this weight.  If it’s mild then it’s gonna be a real battle.  Kinda battling mild headaches off and on all day today but that isn’t an Atkins headache.  Nope, those don’t go away.  They just sit there at the base of your skull, throbbing day after day.  They get worse as the day goes on and by the time you crawl in bed you can barely open your eyes because your head hurts so bad.  Stupid huh?  That I’m looking forward to that?  Yeah, I’m a moron.  In my little world though that means that ketosis is coming and weight loss is beginning! 

Here’s to Atkins and praying that it all goes well this time!  Time to go write my home school blog now!  GOD BLESS.

Today was day 1 for me.  I have started induction again and it’s so damn hard!  I have gone through induction 3 other times in the last 6 months and it only worked the first of those 3 times back in November.  I lost a total of 17 pounds in approximately 3 weeks.  For some reason the other 2 times I never got there.  Never lost a pound.  Sucks.  I think I figured out what went wrong and I am changing it this time.  The first time I started I didn’t have any of those Atkins shakes or bars to snack on.  We were too broke to afford them at the time.  I had no choice but to make it strictly on eggs, cheese, and meat.  I used no artificial sweeteners at all.  The other 2 times I used all of the above.  Never even entered ketosis those 2 times.  This time I am reverting back to the 1st time and cutting all of that other junk out.  It should jump-start things again and get me back into ketosis rather quickly.  I hope so anyway.

Jess is almost 2 years old.  I have been this heavy know for roughly 3 years.  I HATE IT!  My poor body was just not meant to carry this much weight on it.  My bones and joints!  Even my fingers and my back.  It’s just constant pain!  I know it’s the weight.  I’m not stupid.  I have tried SO MANY things!  Weight Watchers, HCG Diet, low calorie, Atkins…all wth massive amounts of exercise included (except for Atkins) and the only thing that was even REMOTELY successful was Atkins!  About 3 months after I had Emerson back in 2004 I weighed 186 pounds.  A friend turned me onto Atkins and within 4 months I was back down to 130.  56 pounds in about 4 months!  I kept it off too!  I gained 10 pounds in there I think (over a span of 3 years) and weighed 140 when I got pregnant with Jess.  Not too bad!  Now I can’t get it OFF OF ME!  It’s driving me insane and it seems to be all I ever think about!

I finally gave in and went and bought some “fat” clothes just so I wouldn’t look so much like white trash when I am out running around town with my kids!  I hate them though.  I have yet to toss out ANY of my old clothes!  I still have ALL of my size 5’s in my closet and, regardless of what everyone keeps telling me, I WILL WEAR THEM AGAIN!  I did it after Emerson and I can do it this time too.  It’s just more work this time.  I’m older.  My metabolism is shot to all hell.  I don’t have time to focus on weight lifting (I had some impressive guns after Emerson was born) or exercise like I would like.  Life happens.  I just want my body back.  I know it’s going to take a while.  I know it will be much harder this time around.  I’m willing to do whatever I need to do as long as it never interferes with my kids lives!  It won’t affect homeschooling.  It won’t get in the way of tumbling or karate.  They are my #1 priority.  Starting with the food via Atkins is simply my best option to get the ball rolling.  That doesn’t interfere with my babies.

So, starting off at 200 pounds and 5 foot 8 inches tall…here we go.  I did really good today.  The only carbs I had were the sugar and cream in my coffee this morning.   I made some devilled eggs and had that for lunch along with some shaved turkey breast lunch meat, and some string cheese.  For dinner I had some steak and fresh steamed asparagus.  After that I had some beef jerky and some pork rinds as a late night snack.  No beer.  No sweets.  Will be interesting to see where my headache is tomorrow.  Those always kick my butt!  Induction is hard but it works!

I’m exhausted now so I am going to go crawl in bed, shove cotton balls in my ears (so I can’t hear my husband snoring/drowning) and get some sleep before the baby wakes up and determines that the crib is NOT his bed….but that he belongs in bed with us smack in the middle!  I can’t sleep for crap after he does that!  Tomorrow is Day 2!

Mondays are Icky!

We blew off lessons last week on Thursday and Friday.  Thursday I wasn’t feeling so well and Friday I spent the entire day cleaning the house and making the kids help (seeing as how they are responsible for 95% of the mess contained within it’s walls).  It’s good for them as well.  Lord knows my teenage daughter will be moving out to go to college in the next few years and she has NO IDEA how to clean ANYTHING!  Trust me!  I have to look at her room every day and remind her that she is a HUMAN not some sort of cave dwelling animal!  These children WILL KNOW how to clean, do laundry, vacuum, etc.

Today we are still working on our Animal Unit Study and we reverted back to amphibians becuse there is just TOO MUCH to learn about them instead of glossing over an entire species and moving on to insects…..yeah, my bad!  We started off with some reading and workbook time as soon as I got the baby laid down this morning.  We haven’t done that in awhile so we needed it.  I was happy to see that even Emerson hadn’t slacked off on her reading abilities!  We were even still able to move on to her next HOP reader!  We started on a new state today as well!  Colorado!  The kids are doing so incredible with learning their states and capitals (and even the state flowers).  We are on state number 6 so that means we have been home schooling 6 weeks now! 

During lunch the kids are watching a recorded Bindi the Jungle Girl episode about Lizards (very appropriate!) and after lunch we will work on some frog lifecycle worksheets and a few other things.  I need to do some more reading to them too in one of our amphibian books.  I am still getting used to the idea that my kids are learning more in the few hours we spend doing school each day than they every learned (or would have learned) in a traditional school.  The way we are doing it is in such a way that they will retain MUCH more than they would in school.  We won’t need review years like traditional school does.  I’m very proud of how hard they are working and I love hearing them both say “I love school at home!”

Time to get my lunch ready!  God Bless!

For some reason I just cannot get myself motivated today!  I should be all excited about our animal unit study today because I am focusing on SPIDERS!  Even though the kids HATE them, they LOVE learning about them!  I just had a really hard time finding any work or ideas that were spider themed so our schedule became very sparse today….I hate that but I’m in a “blah” mood anyway.  They did well with what we had.  We read and we did diagrams and we did math (counting by 8’s and understanding terms like 4 pairs of 2, using multiplication with addition to reach a sum, etc.) and we did vocabulary words (from the book about spiders we read).  We did our Bible study, focusing on the passages that referred to spiders (there are 3 believe it or not!) and they colored. 

I just didn’t get to do as much as I would have liked, I am left feeling like they really needed to do more today.  I don’t like that feeling.  Maybe I am just still dealing with the after effects of public schools.  Do you realize that in a  full 7 hour day our children may only spend a total of 2 hours actually LEARNING?  Between breaks, lunches, instructions, classes settling and various other interruptions throughout the day, our children are actually getting so much less full learning time.  So…when you are home schooling and you get a day where things just kinda feel “off” and you don’t get more than 2 hours of actual school time completed?  Don’t feel bad, just remind yourself that they got at least as much as a public school child.  Besides, our kids mostly go to school (at home) 7 days a week and 365 days a year.  They get more of an education here, with us, their parents. 

Our youngest daughter, Emerson, developed esotropia when she was about 8 months old (maybe a little older).  Esotropia means crossed-eyes.  At first we overlooked it because all kids eyes cross when they are babies.  We just didn’t notice that she wasn’t ever growing out of it.  She had one surgery at 16 months old to correct it but it didn’t work.  We had to go to a second doctor and have a second surgery done when she was 22 months old.  The doctors said that they needed to get her eyes corrected by the time she was 2 because after the age of 2 your brain no longer interprets images the same way….it would continue to see things separately instead of putting them together in one image.

That surgery was a successful one.  At least in appearances.  Her eyes are no longer crossed and she is GORGEOUS!  3 years later in her life though, as I sit here and teach her to read and write, I learn quickly that she does not LEARN the same way that most people do.  She is a little bassackward.  She can add and comprehend things that are way beyond her age level.  She shouldn’t even be in Kindergarten yet but she does 1st grade level math and spelling, etc.  The problem lies in when you ask her to explain something like….”what do you think that means?”…..she has no idea what you mean…..she does not understand objectivity.  If you ask her “what number comes before 3?” she will most likely get it wrong, she doesn’t understand what you mean by “before”.  But she can spell frog, toad, and newt without looking at them.  We definitely believe that this is something most children learn very young, that objectivity, that ability to comprehend before, after, beside, etc., and that she didn’t get the chance to because of her brain interpreting things differently through her vision. 

So, although Emerson is incredibly intelligent and extremely bright for her age, she would end up being held back if she went on to Kindergarten at public school.  Why?  Because they don’t teach to ONE child, they teach to a classroom.  They don’t teach to a child that might learn differently, they teach to the average child.  She requires much more time, explanation, and focus than Brayden does but she is just as smart as he is.  I have to switch everything around and teach her from a different perspective in a way.  She is not dyslexic.  Her brain simply does not process some visual things the same way ours does.  I’m not putting her through the pain of public school and being held back no matter how smart I know she is.  She deserves better.

So….maybe tomorrow I will be a little more enthusiastic about our animal study unit.  All I wanna do right now is take a nap! 

God Bless.